IMS offers a wide array of connectivity products to interface with other devices such as sensors, control panels, push buttons, and more to help you keep your machinery performing reliably and uninterrupted. Let us connect you with the right product for your application needs.
Connect It
Need controls for automation? IMS has a variety of options to fit your requirements whether you are an OEM, MRO, or contractor. We have programmable logic controllers (PLCs), solid state relays, and other products that will deliver flexibility and powerful features.
Control It
Are you looking to monitor machine conditions on the plant floor? IMS offers diverse options of displays ranging from simple monitors to high performance and user-friendly touchscreens that can be easily programmable, interfaced with other components, and even accessed remotely.
Display It
Enhance and protect your devices such as breakers, monitoring devices, or circuit boards by housing them in various enclosure options. We offer top quality industrial and commercial enclosures and accessories in a wide range of sizes, configurations, styles, and NEMA ratings.
Enclose It
Our highly reliable products can provide bright solutions for your application needs. You can choose from lighting products such as stack-able tower lights or simple pilot/ signaling lights available in LED or incandescent lamps, among many other selections we offer.
Light It
Choose from many ISO-certified monitoring devices to measure all kinds of metrics for your operations. We carry voltage regulators that offer on-demand and scheduled voltage level reporting, digital/ analog counters, and energy management meters among other products.
Measure It
Drive your productivity higher! We offer power supplies, motors, controllers, and accessories for AC or DC. Choose from single phase to three-phase power solutions. Our products are engineered to operate in most demanding environmental conditions.
Power It
Is machine guarding or operator safety one of your priorities? We have different types of switches (mechanical, magnetic, RFID, and pulse-echo), safety mats, and light curtains to prevent accidents. They also meet OSHA and ISO safety standards.
Protect It
Automation makes sense! Integrate sensing technology into your machine or equipment. We carry a wide variety of optical, photoelectric, inductive, and ultrasonic sensor solutions that can be used in many applications. Improve reliability and precision of your operations.
Sense It
Start improving your operations today! We provide an array of easy-to-install start push buttons available in a variety of illuminated color options. Also, ensure quick and reliable machine shutdown with our wide selection of emergency stop buttons that prevent accidental starts.
Start/Stop it
Is your switch not working properly or do you want to expand operational control? It’s time to switch to one of our products that are highly reliable in any application. We carry numerous options ranging from limit, cable-pull, keyed, or illuminated selector switches from top brands.
Switch It
It’s time to enhance your operational capabilities with some of our precision engineered product options. Choose from analog, delay, interval, alarm, or even multi-function timers that can be integrated easily and fully programmed for customized applications and extended range.
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